Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some Ideas of How We Can Spread our Message

Our work is important here. There is no doubt about that. But how is it that we can spread our information outside our classroom and into society? There is not one answer, but I’ll give a crack at it and write down some of my ideas. If this was a class that didn’t require us to be in the classroom (and if I was not working a full-time and taking six upper-level classes in order to graduate) then my initial reaction would be to actually get out of the classroom, take action and make our voices heard by doing some type of demonstration, say, in the City or downtown Newark. As a result, this would get perhaps get some media attention, and thus, our message will spread. But again, for me at least, it’s not realistic or doable enough for me to execute in an efficient and effective manner (unless we decide to do a demonstration here on campus during our class session).

A more realistic idea, for me at least and those that also has busy schedules, would be using electronic media as a main resource. Through Twitter we can get in touch with sorts of influential people. So how about we start by engaging influential people on Twitter by asking questions to see if anyone reacts. For example, if I tweet Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to see if he has faced microaggressions or why race matters, that is, if it does to him. Actually, I just tweeted this very person by tweeting: @HenryLouisGates Why do you think race and ethnicity matters? #WritingRace. Maybe he’ll respond, maybe he won’t. But I’m sure if we message random, but influential people who can get our class’ message across, then it’s worth it.

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